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Zootopia (2016) Movie BRRip Dual Audio (Hin-Eng) 720p Download


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Movie: Zootopia (2016) Movie BRRip Dual Audio (Hin-Eng) 720p Download

Genere: Animation, Action, Adventure
Release Date: 4 March 2016
IMDB Ratings: 8.2/10
Directors: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Writers: Jared Bush, Phil Johnston
Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba
Language: Hindi, English
Size: 760MB
Quality: 720p HD
Running Time: 1h 48min

Synopsis: Zootopia is a gleaming metropolis populated by anthropomorphic mammals, divided in several districts including Sahara Square, Tundratown, Little Rodentia, and the Rainforest District. One day, Judy Hopps, a rabbit from rural Bunnyburrow, fulfills her dream of joining the Zootopia Police Department as the first rabbit officer, however she is regularly assigned parking duty by Chief Bogo. During one of her shifts, she is manipulated by Nick Wilde, a con artist fox. Hopps unlawfully arrests Duke Weaselton, a weasel, and is reprimanded by Bogo until Mrs. Otterton, an otter, arrives pleading help on locating her missing husband, one of the many recently missing mammals. To Bogo’s dismay, Hopps volunteers and agrees to resign if she cannot solve the case within 48 hours. With Wilde as a key witness of Mr. Otter’s disappearance, Hopps locates the fox and coerces him to assist her with the investigation lest he be charged with tax evasion, which he openly admitted and Judy recorded with her carrot pen. After acquiring Mr. Otterton’s license plate number from Mystic Springs Oasis, Hopps and Wilde track the vehicle from the Department of Mammal Vehicles to Mr. Big, an arctic shrew crime boss in Tundratown. Mr. Big spares their lives after learning that Hopps had rescued his daughter earlier, and informs the pair that Mr. Otterton is his florist and had gone savage and attacked his chauffeur Manchas, a black jaguar. Hopps and Wilde locate Manchas at his home in the Rainforest District. Manchas mentions “Night Howlers” were responsible for the attack on him before he goes savage and chases the pair before they apprehend him. When Bogo and his reinforcements arrive, Manchas disappears. Bogo demands Hopps to resign, but Wilde takes a stand, insisting they have 10 more hours to solve the case. As the pair leave the Rainforest District, Hopps learns from Wilde that he was bullied by prey animals as a pup and resolved to live out the fox stereotype as defiance.

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